Rash on the labia

A rash on the labia is a symptom that signals diseases of a different nature. To eliminate the problem, it is first necessary to determine the cause of the unpleasant manifestation.

To do this, you need to contact our multidisciplinary medical center, which employs qualified specialists and has all the conditions for conducting high-precision instrumental and laboratory diagnostics.

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Causes of rash on the labia

The main factors contributing to the appearance of a rash on a woman’s labia include:

  • allergic reactions to various irritants;
  • wearing tight and synthetic underwear;
  • failure to comply with basic rules of personal hygiene;
  • postpartum syndrome;
  • excessive use of cosmetics for intimate hygiene;
  • violation of technology during hair removal;
  • dermatic, gynecological, venereal diseases;
  • hypothermia, overheating;
  • oncological processes;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • stress and nervous tension.

To determine the cause, it is recommended that when a symptom appears, you consult a doctor and undergo prescribed diagnostic tests, because pathology may indicate very serious illnesses that require urgent treatment.

Why do both lips itch?

For a girl or woman

The meaning of the sign may vary.

So, if a girl’s lips itch, we can distinguish a number of basic interpretations


  • Romantic adventures await the representative of the fair half of humanity.
  • If a girl or woman’s lips itch, a pleasant acquaintance with a man will soon take place.
  • This sign can also indicate a kiss and sexual desire.
  • When a girl’s lips itch, she will face a conflict or a serious conversation in the near future. If we talk about a woman, strong feelings will soon appear in her life. In addition, someone will certainly please her with gifts.

For a guy or a man

Interpretation options relating to representatives of the stronger sex also have their own subtleties


  • If your lips itch, you should expect a visit from your relatives, especially women who will kiss a guy or a man during a joyful meeting. We are talking about a mother, sister or mother-in-law.
  • Such a sign indicates a sincere and confidential conversation with friends. This meeting should not be cancelled. It will turn out to be extremely important and useful.
  • This itching may indicate that your beloved will allow you to kiss her. As a rule, such a situation involves the first kiss or reconciliation after a protracted conflict.
  • Another interpretation of the sign comes down to the fact that a guy or a man is unable to make a final choice related to his personal life. Under such circumstances, the lips of a representative of the stronger sex itch, because the women around him are waiting for a decision and are worried.
  • Sometimes such an itch means that a person is building tandems with the opposite sex solely in his own imagination. When the need arises to take decisive action, he does not show any interest. The body hints to a guy or man that it’s time to show initiative.

Types of rashes on the labia

There are several types of rashes:

  • White pimples. They often appear on the labia majora after hair removal, during a cold and go away after certain hygiene procedures. If the rash occurs on the labia minora, it is better to consult a doctor, as this may indicate the development of serious pathologies.
  • Subcutaneous. These are small lumps under the skin that form tubercles - lipomas, wen. If there is no infection, this problem goes away on its own and does not require special treatment.
  • Small red ones. Such formations are most often a sign of allergies or premenstrual syndrome and should not cause much concern. But if the rashes have increased in size and begin to cause severe discomfort and pain, then you urgently need to make an appointment with a doctor.
  • Watery. Small blisters with liquid inside are one of the signs of genital herpes. In this case, there are symptoms such as itching, burning, and pronounced hyperemia of the skin surrounding the formation. It is important to undergo diagnostics and treatment with immunostimulating drugs selected by a doctor.
  • Dark red seals. Rashes that appear on the labia closer to the anus, with peeling skin and absence of pain, may indicate that the woman is infected with syphilis. This cannot be done without a serious examination and qualified therapy.
  • Warts. Formations that look like small warts with an uneven contour are papilloma, which disappears on its own with a well-functioning immune system, otherwise immunostimulating treatment is prescribed.
  • Rash with a cheesy coating. These two symptoms, appearing in combination with itching, unpleasant odor and pain when urinating, indicate the development of candidiasis (thrush). Pathology often occurs against the background of long-term use of antibiotics and weakening of the body’s protective functions.

Despite the fact that sometimes rashes on the labia are completely safe and can go away without any consequences on their own, for the purpose of prevention, if uncharacteristic formations appear, it is worth consulting a doctor.

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Why does your lower lip itch?

The interpretation of itching of the lower lip has its own characteristics


  • If this place constantly bothers you, it means that the partner with whom you recently met has retained the most pleasant memories of it. This person is aimed at continuing communication and serious relationships.
  • If your lower lip itches, someone will discuss the person favorably and in a positive way. There are praises and admirations addressed to him. It is noteworthy that after such conversations, a person whose lower lip itches can expect career growth or a profitable and promising deal.
  • This sign tends to indicate that a person constantly puts off doing this or that task for the future. In these circumstances, the body, through itching of the lower lip, tries to indicate the importance and appropriate moment for active action. This behavior will allow you to enjoy what is happening and find happiness. It is likely that a person has long dreamed of traveling to warm countries, purchasing new clothes, or going to a restaurant. It's important to take the initiative and pamper yourself.

What tests should be taken for a rash on the labia?

To diagnose the cause of a rash on the labia, a number of laboratory and instrumental examinations are prescribed:

  • a general analysis of urine and blood shows the general condition of the patient, identifies inflammatory processes;
  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR), is prescribed to determine the DNA of the pathogen, the most informative method that can detect diseases at very early stages;
  • immunofluorescence reaction (RIF) detects antigens through the use of a special substance;
  • cultural method, an effective procedure that allows you to determine the presence and type of pathogen by placing the biomaterial in an environment favorable to the virus;
  • vulvocolpocervicoscopy, examination on a gynecological chair using a microscope to study the nature of the rash.

The doctor may also recommend undergoing an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), a serological method, or an immunogram. An ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, tests for hormones, tumor markers and other diagnostic measures that can find the main cause of the unpleasant symptom are often prescribed.

Rash on the labia of a child

Genital rashes can appear not only in adults, but also in children. At the same time, the reasons for the development of pathology differ significantly.

A rash on the labia of a child appears for the following reasons:

  • diathesis;
  • psoriasis;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • fungal, herpetic, infectious lesions of the genital organs;
  • prickly heat;
  • scarlet fever, rubella, measles;
  • failure to comply with basic hygiene rules.

Rashes appear if a girl’s diaper and underwear are not changed in a timely manner, hypothermia, overheating occurs, and an allergic reaction to various allergens develops: food, creams, powders, detergents, diapers, synthetic panties, etc.

Initially, parents should contact a pediatrician, who, based on the results of the examination, will refer them to a specialist appropriate to the problem.

Sometimes, to eliminate the pathology, it is enough to simply change the diet, brand of diaper, baby care products, or stop taking medications. But in some cases, you need to undergo serious qualified treatment, selected by a competent physician.

When the first symptoms appear, you should not delay visiting a doctor, as a simple rash can signal serious health problems. The sooner parents contact a specialist, the fewer complications and other negative consequences there will be.

Why do the labia swell?

Physiological reasons

Sometimes swelling is caused by wearing underwear that is uncomfortable or irritates the skin. Shaving and various types of hair removal of the intimate area can act as a provoking factor. The labia are abundantly supplied with blood; against the background of arousal, blood rushes to the erogenous zones, so swelling occurs during sexual intercourse, masturbation, and erotic fantasies. The normal appearance of the external genitalia is restored within 1-2 hours; with prolonged stimulation and the presence of certain individual characteristics, changes can last up to 10-12 hours.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Swelling of the labia during gestation is more noticeable in the second and third trimester, due to increased blood circulation in the pelvis. The labia look somewhat swollen, there is no pathological discharge or unpleasant odor. Another possible cause of the symptom is varicose veins of the labia due to pressure from the uterus. Swelling of the perineal area after childbirth is associated with the passage of the fetus through the birth canal and disappears within 2-3 weeks.

Bartholin gland diseases

The first symptoms of Bartholinitis are limited swelling and hyperemia of the labia minora in the area of ​​the exit of the Bartholin gland duct. Then the lower third of the labia majora on the same side swells, and scanty purulent or serous discharge appears. Malaise, fever up to subfebrile levels, and slight discomfort while walking are possible.

When an abscess of the Bartholin gland forms, the swelling quickly increases and becomes diffuse. A woman complains of intense jerking pain that gets worse when sitting and walking. The pain decreases slightly when lying on your back with your legs apart. Body temperature rises to febrile levels. Palpation reveals a sharply painful elastic tumor-like formation, sometimes reaching the size of a chicken egg.

Small Bartholin gland cysts are asymptomatic. As the formation increases, there is a sensation of a foreign body in the perineal area, and the likelihood of injury and the development of an inflammatory process increases. Inflammation of the cyst and surrounding tissues is accompanied by swelling of the labia on the affected side.

Inflammatory diseases

In acute vulvitis, severe swelling and hyperemia of the clitoris and labia are observed. The formation of erosions and ulcers, the spread of inflammation to the area of ​​the inguinal folds and the inner surface of the thighs is possible. Patients complain of burning, itching, pain, which intensifies with movement and touch. Infection with cocci is accompanied by profuse whitish-yellowish leucorrhoea. With candidiasis, the discharge is curdled, white, in the form of loose flakes.

Along with nonspecific pathogens, vulvitis in girls can be caused by helminths. With chronic vulvitis in children and adults, all manifestations are smoothed out, swelling is moderate. In women with acute vaginitis, swelling of the labia is caused by intense inflammation and reactive swelling of adjacent anatomical areas.

When the process spreads from the vagina to the external genitalia, vulvovaginitis develops. Leucorrhoea, irritation, a feeling of pressure and fullness, pain during urination and sexual intercourse, characteristic of vaginitis, are complemented by symptoms of vulvitis. Deterioration of general condition is rarely observed.

Specific infections

Vaginitis, vulvitis, vulvovaginitis can be caused by both nonspecific and specific flora. An important sign that helps determine the cause of inflammatory edema is the type of leucorrhoea. Gonorrhea is accompanied by the appearance of a thick, purulent, white-yellow discharge. With trichomoniasis, the discharge is foamy and yellowish-green. Patients with gardnerellosis have transparent leucorrhoea with an unpleasant fishy odor.

With primary syphilis, unlike the diseases listed above, there is no widespread swelling. When a hard chancre is located on the labia in this anatomical zone, a painless or slightly painful rounded red erosion with a dense infiltrate at the base is detected. An atypical variant of chancre is indurative edema - an area of ​​such high density that finger pressure does not cause the appearance of an indentation.

Kraurosis of the vulva

At the initial stage of the disease, swelling, redness of the labia majora and minora, paresthesia, and symptoms of vulvodynia are detected. Subsequently, the swelling disappears, the skin and mucous membranes become rough, dry, and wrinkled. The leading place in the clinical picture of kraurosis is occupied by persistent paroxysmal itching. Dyspareunia, urination and defecation disorders are possible.

Genital allergy

Allergic reactions can occur to medications, vaginal contraceptives, male sperm, cosmetics and hygiene products. The perineal area and perianal area are affected. The most persistent symptoms are itching and erythema. The swelling is combined with a burning sensation in the vagina, which intensifies after sexual intercourse. Symptoms disappear 2-3 days after stopping contact with the allergen.

Toxic shock syndrome

Swollen labia occur in one third of menstruating women with toxic shock syndrome. Chills, weakness, fever, muscle pain, diarrhea, repeated vomiting, and specific skin rashes resembling a sunburn are detected. In severe cases, signs of damage to the respiratory system, liver and kidneys are detected: transient pain in the abdomen and lower back, shortness of breath, cloudy urine, yellowing of the skin.

Tumors of the vulva

For small benign neoplasms, an asymptomatic course is typical. With large neoplasias, there is a sensation of a foreign object in the perineum. Swelling of the vulva is observed during trauma, inflammation, suppuration of tumors, and is accompanied by pain. With a pronounced inflammatory process, weakness, fatigue, and general hyperthermia are possible.

Vulvar cancer in the early stages is manifested by paroxysmal itching and burning, intensifying at night. Swelling, pain, bloody, serous or purulent discharge occur. Weeping is observed and ulcerations form on the skin. In later stages, swelling spreads to the pubic area and lower extremities, accompanied by constipation and urinary disorders.

Other reasons

Swelling of the labia area can be caused by general infectious diseases, pathologies of blood vessels and internal organs. The causes of the symptom are:

  • Diphtheria.
    The anal-genital form of the disease is rare and affects the vagina, but can spread to the vulva and perineum. Hyperemia, edema, and hemorrhagic discharge are observed.
  • Varicose veins of the pelvis.
    The swelling is accompanied by itching, heaviness, discomfort, and bursting pain in the labia area. Spontaneous or post-traumatic bleeding is possible.
  • Prolapse of the urethral mucosa.
    A sensation of a foreign object, pain and burning in the area of ​​the exit of the urethra are detected. The clitoral frenulum and labia minora become red and swollen. Possible urgency and urinary incontinence.
  • Kidney adenocarcinoma.
    The swelling is caused by the proliferation of venous vessels in the lumbar region, followed by varicose veins in the labia area.
  • Anasarka.
    Develops in severe diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, malignant tumors, exudative enteropathies. There is total swelling and rapid weight gain. Severe swelling of the genital organs is due to abundant blood supply and loose tissue.

What diseases cause a rash on the labia?

Rashes on the labia often become a symptom of diseases such as:

  • Allergy.
    Allergic reactions can be caused by intimate cosmetics, lubricants, underwear made from non-natural materials, condoms, pads, hair removal and taking certain medications. The pathology is also characterized by swelling, itching and burning in the genital area.
  • Scabies.
    The disease appears due to infection with scabies mites. Characteristic manifestations: a large number of small follicular rashes. Pimples can turn into bloody crusts that cause severe itching.
  • The body's response to the partner's ejaculate. This pathology, called burning sperm syndrome, occurs in 30% of women who are sexually active.
  • Vulvovaginitis.
    This is a fungal disease that occurs due to the proliferation of a fungus such as Candida. Additional symptoms are cheesy discharge, burning, itching.
  • Syphilis
    . A sexually transmitted disease that can lead to a large number of dangerous consequences. In this case, one of the signs of the development of an STI is a small pink rash.
  • Genital herpes
    . This is a pathology of viral origin, manifested by a scattering of bubbles filled with liquid, which, after opening, turn into ulcers that cause pain. In addition to the rash, body aches, itching, and fever often appear in parallel.
  • Molluscum contagiosum
    . One of the main signs of dermatitis is small, dome-shaped, compacted nodules.
  • Inguinal athlete's foot
    . Localized in the genital area and adjacent areas. It is characterized as a fungal infection.

Also, a rash in the labia area may indicate the development of the human papillomavirus, thrush, oncology, bartholinitis, Fordyce granules.

Causes of itching of the labia

Itching of the labia minora and itching of the labia majora appears most often when the body is exposed to the following causes, which can be divided into several large groups.

The impact of pathology of the internal genital organs on itching in the labia

In some inflammatory processes and diseases affecting the uterus and cervix, a woman is bothered by discharge that causes itching in the external genitals. Urological diseases often present with urinary leakage or incontinence, which is especially common in older women. The substances that make up urine are irritating to the delicate skin and mucous membranes of the labia, so leakage is accompanied by itching between the labia.

The impact of pathology of internal organs on itching and burning of the labia

There are a lot of diseases of internal organs that, at first glance, have nothing to do with genitalia. But disruption of the functioning of these organs leads to such an unpleasant symptom as itching of the labia. In diabetes mellitus, the genitals itch due to the fact that the urine contains a large amount of glucose, and the woman is often bothered by a frequent urge to urinate. “Sweet” urine, in contact with the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals, promotes the growth of bacteria, which manifests itself as irritation of the labia minora and labia majora.

Itching of the labia, as well as a burning sensation in this area can provoke liver diseases, which lead to the accumulation of bile enzymes in the blood. Not only can they turn the skin yellowish, but they also act as an irritant, causing the entire body to itch, including the genitals. Urinary tract diseases that contribute to the development of polyuria (increased urine production and frequency of urination) and the accumulation of urea breakdown products in the blood can also lead to discomfort in the genital tract.

Hypo- and hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, diseases of the hematopoietic organs, benign and malignant tumors cause deterioration in the functioning of a woman’s immune system. As a result of this, itching of the labia forces her to consult a gynecologist, who in turn can recommend consultations with doctors in other fields - for example, a urologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist.

Itching of the labia during menopause

The condition of a woman during menopause deserves special attention. As is known, the menopausal period in women is characterized by a violation of the trophism of the mucous membranes and vulva, which includes the labia. This process is called kraurosis. This condition begins to develop in the premenopausal period and can make itself felt by itching of the labia minora and labia majora, which causes the woman to experience severe discomfort.

The cause of kraurosis and itching of the genitals is a sharp decrease in the level of sex hormones in a woman’s body, which previously helped protect the mucous membranes of the genital organs. In this condition, a woman often experiences pain during sexual intercourse, which leads to psychological tension and stress. Sometimes kraurosis causes the formation of abrasions and cracks, which can lead to ulcers on the skin, mucous membranes and additionally causes itching of the outer labia.iii

During menopause, the risk of developing infectious lesions of the genitals increases significantly, which includes vulvitis (inflammation of the external female genital organs) and vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the vulva and vaginal mucosa).

Itching of the labia majora and itching of the labia minora during pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in the expectant mother's body, which can lead to sexual discomfort. Itching of the outer labia is provoked by a weakening of the immune defense and a change in the normal microflora of the vagina. A sharp increase in the number of pathogenic bacteria in the area that affects the labia can cause scratching and force a woman to see a doctor.

Psychological factors that occur with itching of the labia

The cause of increased sensitivity of the genitals, leading to itchy labia, can be prolonged and frequent stress, serious psychological distress, fatigue and nervous disorders, as well as a disease such as depression. Phobias and fears of any important events can also contribute to the appearance of this unpleasant symptom.

Most often, psychological reasons leading to scratching that affects the labia occur in impressionable women who have an unbalanced psyche. In this case, you need to seek help from a psychologist.

Itching of the genital organs and other unpleasant symptoms must be given attention and promptly treated, this is the only way to get rid of the disease.

Impact of external factors on the labia

This includes mechanical irritation of the external genitalia with uncomfortable underwear - for example, panties made of synthetic fabric and low-quality lace, with rough seams that can irritate delicate skin and mucous membranes. Thongs, which are popular these days, can also lead to itchy labia. In addition, masturbation and rough sexual intercourse can cause mechanical irritation.

The use of certain medications, frequent douching with various solutions, and the use of daily scented pads can also cause symptoms such as itching of the labia. Dyes and deodorants used in the production of pads can cause discomfort.

Temperature agents - severe prolonged cooling or overheating, as well as environmental pollution (for example, if a woman works in an industry with increased air pollution from dust and various chemicals) also lead to discomfort. Failure to comply with personal hygiene rules, careless epilation of the bikini area, allergies to contraceptives (for example, condom lubricant) and scented toilet paper - all this can also cause scratching in the genital area. Itching after sexual intercourse may indicate an allergy to the partner's secretions, including seminal fluid.

And of course, one of the most extensive subgroups of external factors leading to discomfort in the genital area is various parasitic and infectious diseases. Pediculosis pubis, scabies, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, gardnerellosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and many other ailments can cause severe discomfort at any time of the day, from morning to evening.

Which doctor should I contact for a rash on the labia?

If a rash appears in the labia area, it is initially recommended to consult a therapist who will differentiate and make a primary diagnosis. Based on these results, the specialist will select a specialist doctor.

The list of such doctors includes:

  • gynecologist;
  • dermatologist;
  • venereologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • allergist.

Each of these specialists will be able to make a final diagnosis, prescribe a series of examinations and select effective, safe treatment. If the cause is external irritants, incorrect attitude to hygiene, incorrectly chosen cosmetics or pads, then the appointment ends with a therapist, who recommends eliminating all negative factors.

Where to go with a rash on the labia

At the first signs of rashes, you must make an appointment with specialists at our multidisciplinary medical center, where highly qualified, competent medical staff work. The clinic is famous for its excellent technical base, which consists of instrumental, laboratory diagnostics and a therapeutic building, where you can undergo various types of treatment and the most modern diagnostic measures.

The medical center also offers a service - calling a doctor to your home, which makes it possible to receive medical care, take some tests, and do an ultrasound in the comfort of your home. A specialist’s visit to the patient’s address helps maintain complete confidentiality, alleviate the plight of bedridden, elderly patients and people with disabilities, and save time.

Diagnosis of a rash on the labia

First of all, the doctor conducts a visual examination, determining the nature of the rash. After this, depending on the primary diagnosis, additional tests are prescribed:

  • PCR;
  • ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs;
  • biopsy;
  • vaginal smear examination;
  • general blood and urine analysis.

In some cases, samples are taken for different types of allergens.

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Pre-hospital assistance

Avoiding uncomfortable underwear and intimate hygiene products that irritate the skin and mucous membranes can help reduce swelling of the vulva. Regular hygiene procedures are necessary. For inflammatory processes, baths with herbal decoctions and antiseptic solutions are indicated. In case of intense pain, a single dose of an analgesic is acceptable. Increasing swelling, foul-smelling or bloody discharge, severe pain, and general health problems are reasons to immediately contact a gynecologist.

Conservative therapy

The treatment plan is drawn up individually after determining the cause of swelling and a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the reproductive organs. Etiopathogenetic and symptomatic agents are used. Drug therapy is supplemented with physiotherapeutic procedures and local techniques. For STIs, medications are prescribed to both sexual partners at the same time. The following groups of drugs are used:

  • Antimicrobial
    . Depending on the pathogen identified, antibiotics, antimycotic, anthelmintic or antiprotozoal medications are prescribed.
  • Antihistamines
    . Indicated for allergic reactions, severe itching. Helps reduce inflammation and alleviate the patient's condition.
  • Hormonal
    . Local treatment with hormonal ointments is carried out for kraurosis of the vulva, atrophic vulvitis in premenopausal women.
  • Local action
    . Taking into account the etiology of the disease, intravaginal suppositories, tablets, suspensions with antimycotics and antibiotics can be used. To restore the vaginal microflora, suppositories with acidophilus bacteria are recommended.

Patients with acute vulvitis are prescribed SMT, UHF, and ultraviolet radiation. For chronic inflammation, mud applications, ozokerite, paraffin, and infrared laser treatment are effective. Women with vulvar cancer undergo chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy.

Prevention of rashes on the labia

In order to prevent the appearance of rashes in the intimate area, you must:

  • wash your genitals regularly;
  • carefully choose intimate hygiene products without dyes or fragrances;
  • exclude promiscuous sexual intercourse;
  • use condoms during intimacy;
  • monitor your hormonal levels;
  • visit a gynecologist periodically;
  • carefully visit places with large crowds of people: swimming pools, saunas, baths, public showers;
  • choose a hair removal specialist with extreme caution;
  • do not overcool and do not overheat.

It is also important to choose the right underwear; if you are prone to irritation, it is better to choose natural materials and a classic cut. It is not recommended to purchase low-quality pads with fragrances or abuse douching.

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Rash on the labia in pregnant women

Rashes in the genital area in a pregnant woman can appear for the same reason as in non-pregnant women, only in this case the problem can cause great damage not only to the patient, but also to the fetus. The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that when carrying a child, it is quite difficult to choose a safe therapy that would not affect the health of the embryo.

They try to identify any STDs at the pregnancy planning stage and only after treatment, six months later, initiate conception. If the infection was detected during pregnancy, there is a high percentage that the disease will be transmitted to the baby or will negatively affect its development. Therefore, with such diagnoses, a caesarean section is often prescribed.

An infection that causes a rash on the labia can lead to the following consequences:

  • pregnancy fading;
  • stop in fetal development;
  • development of defects and deviations;
  • delays in the mental and physical development of the child after birth.

If an STD is detected, the doctor selects special therapy and more carefully monitors the behavior and condition of the fetus. If the rash is caused by external irritants, they must be identified and excluded.

Interpretation of signs about lips by day of the week

On Monday

If your lips itch on this day, it means a romantic adventure is approaching. An invitation to a date will follow from a person who has been of strong interest for a long time. You should show kindness, responsiveness and contact.

Sometimes such a sign tends to predict a sweet sign of attention, for example, a cake or a chocolate bar.

On Tuesday

If you're itching on Tuesday, it's important to take some time for yourself. It’s optimal to go to a cafe, relaxing treatments or visit nice people. Then the whole week will go safely and successfully.

Another belief indicates that on this day there will be a serious conversation with management, which will entail positive changes and promising events.

On Wednesday

If the lips itch on such a day, then they are trying to remind the person of the importance of the planned activities. Most likely, a major project has not been completed or work responsibilities have not been completed. You should gather your strength and cope with the assigned tasks in the near future.

If you have a meeting with friends, it is better to watch your words. Otherwise, unpleasant gossip will arise later.

On Thursday

As a rule, Thursday does not imply any troubles or negative events. If itching in the mouth area appears on this day, then Friday will give the person pleasant communication and a kiss.

On Friday

If your lips bother you on Friday, then the evening will be spent positively and mentally. There is a high probability of love affairs and increased sexual desire.

For a person in a romantic relationship, itching promises conflicts and disagreements. It is worth trying to minimize quarrels, otherwise the tandem will be filled with mutual discontent.

On Saturday

It is important to spend time with family members and relatives. If the lips of a representative of the fair half of humanity itch, then a new promising acquaintance awaits her.

On Sunday

On this day, this sign promises an excellent mood for the coming week. If the itching appears before lunch, troubles associated with the trip will soon arise. However, they will be positive. If your mouth itches in the evening, then you have a serious conversation with your relatives.

Treatment of rash on the labia

A rash is a symptom, so the main therapy is prescribed taking into account the cause that led to the appearance of a rash in the intimate area. For allergies, antihistamines are prescribed, for fungal infections - antifungal drugs, hormonal disorders are eliminated with hormone therapy, genital herpes is treated with Acyclovir. If a streptococcal infection is detected, streptocide is prescribed; if there is an inflammatory process, the patient is recommended to undergo a course in a hospital.

The therapeutic regimen is selected taking into account test results, the course and complexity of the disease. Additionally, it is advisable to take a vitamin-mineral complex, immunomodulators, and sedatives of plant origin. In some cases, rehabilitation is necessary.

Ointments for rashes on the labia

Topical products help not only fight the problem itself, but also eliminate unpleasant symptoms such as pain, burning, itching, and discomfort. According to experts, this method of treatment is much more effective as it acts at the cellular level and reaches the pathological focus faster.

For genital herpes it is recommended to use:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Panavir;
  • Zovirax.
  • For inflammation and syphilis, the following is prescribed:
  • Theracycline ointment;
  • Erythromycin ointment.
  • If affected by a fungus:
  • Mycozoral;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Nystatin.

You can also use Pimafukort ointment, which helps heal wounds and cracks, Terzhinan, which helps reduce itching and burning. All medications should only be prescribed by a doctor. Before use, it is important to carefully read the instructions and follow all recommendations of a specialist.

Publication date: 2019-12-10

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  • Diagnosis of viral skin diseases
  • Diagnosis of hair diseases
  • Diagnosis of nail diseases
  • Diagnosis of skin tumors
  • Skin scraping
  • Blisters on the skin
  • Dermatoscopy
  • Demodex tests
  • Diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections
  • Mushroom tests
  • Skin scraping
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